Metering is our business

Since its founding in 1945, Iskraemeco employees have been transforming valuable experience, innovation and a sound understanding of our customers` needs into comprehensive energy management solutions.

With a complete smart metering portfolio we respond to future needs of utilities and consumers for efficient energy management. Smart metering provides utilities with necessary data to manage energy use, anticipate demand and achieve cost efficient operation. It also helps consumers to act more sustainably while lowering their energy bills.

As managing director for Iskraemeco Netherlands (and Iskraemeco Benelux in Belgium) and consortium leader for FlonIskra it is my responsibility to coordinate all tasks and activities related to the delivery of smart meters in a good manner. This involves product development, quality assurance, logistics and contract management. I have a team of 2 people assisting me on these tasks.

Waarom Laan22

Although I’m not that much present in the office in The Netherlands I believe we have made a good choice to establish our office for the Netherlands in Laan 22. It is quiet, the offices are big and the service is good although we haven’t used all the facilities that are available. For us it is a perfect base in The Netherlands where we can do our work when we need to be in The Netherlands for a customer visit. Next to that Roosendaal is very well situated in The Netherlands, close to cities like Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and even Amsterdam but also close to for instance Brussels, the Roosendaal trainstation and important airports like Brussels, Rotterdam/The Hague and Schiphol.


Contactpersoon: Patrick Testers, managing director Benelux

Kantoorruimte: 3B01 (3e verdieping, achterzijde)

Telefoon: +32 50 55 05 13 (Benelux kantoor, Beernem België)



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